Holiday Tips and Resources for People in Recovery

Gambling is a mental health issue that is considered to be an urge and has several resemblances to an obsessive-compulsive… Drug abuse and dependence were once seen as predominantly among young people, but the elderly disproportionately abuse alcohol, narcotics, and illegal drugs. Alongside younger adults, older people have not shown strong alcohol or substance usage prevalence over time…. Is there anything worse than having problems with addiction and suffering from mental disorders at the same time? Addiction alone can destroy an individual’s life, what more if it is accompanied by a mental disorder?

Happy, Healthy Holidays to One and All!: Stay Safe and Take Care … – First Nations Health Authority

Happy, Healthy Holidays to One and All!: Stay Safe and Take Care ….

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While it may seem to be all fun and games to joke… Being released from prison can be exciting and scary at the same reframing holidays in early recovery. There are many times when someone has spent so much time behind bars, they have forgotten what it’s like to live in a society without the restrictions that come with being incarcerated. High school can be a very tough time for kids. They are often introduced to new challenges, changes in their body and temptations all at the same time. Preparing your child for high school is important.

Summer Sobriety, Wellness and Relapse Prevention

It is better to understand how each of the treatment programs works for your own benefits. If you already know the differences between programs, then you’ll have… Long-term addiction recovery requires an ongoing support network and treatment. SRC has created several different programs to help those striving to not only get sober but stay sober! SRC’s Intensive Outpatient Program allows for flexible support, so people can… We built Jackson House because we realized there was a critical gap in our healthcare system and many individuals with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems were struggling because of it. While there are many outpatient treatment options and locked, inpatient facilities there was nothing in the middle.

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FOX 10 covered some of Mesa, Arizona’s biggest drug busts that happened in one day recently! Fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, you name it, a stash house had it all in large quantities. Officers found over 700,000 Fentanyl pills in one of the houses. Dating someone new should be fun and exciting, but when the person is an Alcoholic, it can make dating a bit more difficult.

Celebrity Soberversaries (Sober Anniversaries)

However, do we ever stop to consider just how bad the problems are for… Coronavirus started its spread in late 2019 and has now consumed almost every nation in the world. Even countries with world-class healthcare facilities are seeing the collapse of the system and are helpless in this battle against the invisible virus.


Addiction affects not only the person using but also those closest to them. Many people in active addiction assume that they aren’t doing anything that hurts anyone but themselves. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case though. An eating disorder is often something that people keep hidden from the world. The people are ashamed that they are doing what they are doing to their bodies and of what their bodies look like at the same time.